27: ABBIE CRIES ABOUT HER VULVA w/ Ellie from Comfortable In My Skin

TW: In this episode we talk a lot about vulvas, being two cis women who have only slept with cis women, our language defaulted to binary and cis language. I just wanted to say that we both acknowledge that not all women have vulvas and not all vulva owners are women, and we still have work to do in fully converting our language. 

This week Abbie is joined by her friend Ellie who is the founder of Comfortable In My Skin. Comfortable In My Skin is a project started by Ellie in which she photographs vulvas whenever and wherever she can to help with vulva acceptance. Her website, https://www.comfortableinmyskin.com.au/ is an amazing resource. 

Abbie and Ellie discuss how to pleasure a vulva, how to ask your partner for oral, the nightmare that is Bacterial Vaginosis and how we can grow to love our vulvas, and be "Comfortable In My Skin" (ha ha ha). 

Contact Ellie at @comfortableinmyskin_ or via her website


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