Secondhand in the Time of Corona

In this episode, Meredith breaks down what she's seeing in the secondhand market - resale, online vintage, and consignment - as it relates to COVID-19. She discusses the pros and cons of buying and selling secondhand right now, and trends that exist now and to come. Is this the golden age of resale? Is this the best time to buy secondhand luxury goods? Should you sell right now, or hold?

- Meredith and Sarah discuss the proliferation of price gouging and secondhand Corona supplies like hand sanitizer and N95 masks, plus the flurry of new makers of cotton face coverings.

- Meredith and Sarah debate buying now during economic uncertainty when prices are lower but people are in crisis.

- Meredith explains what she's seeing happening for the big sites, like Poshmark and The RealReal, and how they will adapt.


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