Taking up space is complicated

Being in the room and taking up space is difficult. It takes a lifetime to believe that we should be in *this* room having *this* conversation, having self faith, self belief and humility is a challenge. Saying “I am here” is the hardest thing.

It is simply correct that it is this way - I am here is sufficient. It is right that I am included. 


Lack of self belief is a structural problem - there are those (Cis white men with a posh accent) who are assumed to belong, speak, take up space. It is not everyone who gets included by default. We are read when we go into those environments, how you walk in, how you talk, is all used to make judgments about the value placed on your words. 


“I am here, I am present, I am listening” - I am taking up space - how you read me, how you react to my presence in this space has nothing to do with me. That is a huge mind shift, removing that apology, those moments of dissonance, which reduce ourselves in the presence of structure.

Josephine goes on a rant/reflection from a talk on glamour from the Knutepunkt conference from Erik Winther Paisley (@ewpaisley) - which drives us into talking about how we can use the skills we have to boost our confidence and our feeling of correctness when we are here. 


We talk about the things we do to build that belief in ourselves that it is correct we are here. We share our tactics and how we build each other and ourselves up.

We also talk about how breathtaking Keanu Reeves is and why J has watched the Matrix Resurrections trailer many many times. Josephine presses “X” to doubt. 


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