Scheduling a podcast is complicated

This week we cover two topics - Working full time and creating a podcast, and the movie Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. 

We have gone from a time when we had less restrictions on our time (lockdown, combined with furlough/unemployment was good for podcasting) and we both now have very full on full time jobs, one of us has a partner, and a child they want to spend time with, the other has houseplants. We both have mental health to take care of (does this year ever give up throwing shite around?), and like to spend some time for ourselves.


We are making a great podcast - we’ve created a brilliant thing here and want to find a sustainable way to keep doing this. We want this podcast to continue to be high quality, in content and in sound quality. 

So we have decided to go for a twice a month podcast release. This we believe is sustainable and gives us time for life and self care and great podcasting. 


We recorded this discussion - so we are reminded when we are at our lowest, that this isn’t personal, it is systemic, our reactions is personal - and this is a good decision for us.


It also means J get’s time to watch movies - and is currently re-watching all of Keanu Reeve’s output. 


They recently saw Constantine - and have some … feelings … about the movie. Just how much? There’s a 15 minute rant about the movie, and this is the abbreviated version. While Keanu is breathtaking there is some … cognitive dissonance… for someone who is a fan of the Jamie Delano Hellblazer stories and what they tell us about Good and Evil and life and politics. This gets a little loud at times.

As always we launch into ideas - the banality of good and evil and the notions of redemption - how we can make a more equal society.

Tldr; Constantine terrible movie, great conversation


We have a transcript for this episode - IIC Episode 47 Transcript

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