Performance is complicated

Performance changes your life, it changes how you think about things, it changes how you feel about yourself. 


This is a favourite theory of Dr J’s, and in our case it is true. We met over performance, we found ourselves and identity through performance, and we find ourselves and our experiences reflected in performance. 


We tell the tale of workshopping J’s gender identity, and how that came about. How performance built on ideas and conversations, allowing an identity to form.

We talk about the way characters are built (if we like to perform them) and why we sometimes are a character and sometimes not. 


We discover there are times when a performance reflects back a view of themselves to the audience, and you get this amazing, near spiritual moment of psychosocial experience within the room. 


We also talk about how breathtaking Keanu Reeves is in a particularly dreadful film - River’s Edge - and Content Warning - cover the plot and how that is still sadly reflective of society today.


We have a transcript for this episode - IIC Episode 48 Transcript


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