Making it is complicated

This time we celebrate creating 50 podcast episodes - or 51, or 52 depending on how you count. We are excited about this - and there are moments when Dr J is obviously super excited. Josephine maintains some sort of dignity. 


When we started the podcast we were both locked down in our spaces without structure from our day jobs (Dr J was furloughed, Josephine was between work), and 18 months later we are still in the same rooms, having conversations, and quite different lives in some ways.

In others not much has changed. The isolation, exacerbated by our queerness, leaves us reaching out for others like us, and reflections of ourselves in media.

This is why making space, and taking up space, in TikTok, in podcasts, and in the world is so important.

We then move onto a long and excited discussion on Matrix Resurrection - and the breathtaking Keanu Reeves (and Carrie-Ann Moss) and what we thought about the film. 


Links: The Matrix Sequels are good, actually -


We have a transcript for this episode - IIC Episode 50 Transcript


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