Etiquette is complicated

How did covid change how we do this politeness thing? Is there queer etiquette? What happens when we rub against people’s expectations when we state our boundaries?


Is our queer etiquette a reaction to the hypocrisy of the middle-class “polite”? How can we be respectful, equitable, and inclusive? What is the height of “good manners”? Is making people comfortable where we should be aiming? Is respect where this aims for?


We touch on how crossing countries can mean crossing class, and how that can change how we are read, and how we can be masked, and unmasked. Some of it we learn, some of it we gain as an advantage without any effort. 


When we approach this playfully and performatively is this our “sweet spot”? 

It might not actually be that complicated - Be Kind, Be respectful, and use Lovely.


We have a transcript for this episode - IIC Episode 45 Transcript


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