Being visible is complicated

Being visible is complicated - Positive visibility matters.


For Trans Day of Visibility we decided to do an episode on why we are visible. Dr J celebrates a ten year anniversary of being out publicly as non-binary in their workspaces. What it means to be visible in spaces where we are celebrated and how that impacts on us, and people who see us. What it feels like to have your face plastered all over the Stockholm Subway, and what’s changed in the past ten years.


We celebrate having Social Media timelines full of smiling visible Trans and Non-Binary people on TDOV and how that feels to see the breadth of our experience represented. 


What it means in workspaces to feel that inclusivity - where you’re made to feel comfortable - when you don’t have to worry about bringing all of yourself to work.

Positive visibility matters, to those who are out, and to those who are yet to make that leap. It is a privilege to be visible


We have a transcript for this episode - IIC Episode 40 Transcript


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