Allies are complicated

Recorded during Pride Month, when everything has a rainbow slapped on it, what is allyship? When is it performative? What is the context that Allyship can happen within?

When does the allyship have an investment? When is it solidarity? When will people stand between their LGBTQ+ employees and harm?

How can we tell the difference? Is there a macro level and a micro level set of actions? Can we always tell which it is? Seeing our sense of self used as a marketing tool by some can be soul destroying.


It is about having a solidarity mindset, putting the investment in - and we can tell. Have more than Diversity/Equity/Inclusion group make a comment. Queers are for everyday and not just for gay Christmas.

Dr J’s writing about their experience with Thoughtworks - “I am here” is one of the most profound statements that can be made around Pride


We have a transcript for this episode - IIC Episode 44 Transcript


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