From the Vault: Tying a Knot

For Mother's Day, we replay one of the most touching and brave stories of motherhood we've ever aired.

In 2015, on the very last day of a month-long assignment in Nepal, Israeli journalist Danna Harman ran into three local street girls. She had just finished several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, and – back in Tel Aviv –

she began daydreaming of an instant family. When one of the girls contacted her following Nepal's devastating earthquake, these dreams took on an unexpected life of their own. In a story about motherhood and friendship, Danna explores the bittersweet need for adjusting expectations. 

Julie Subrin edited this story, Ari Jacob wrote and performed the original music, and Sela Waisblum mixed it all up. Additional music by Blue Dot Sessions. The end song, "Imma," was written and arranged by Shaike Paikov. The cover version used in the episode is by Ninet Tayeb and Yehuda Levi.

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