From the Vault: Rabin Is…

With all the excitement surrounding the U.S. elections, it’s perhaps easy to forget that this week also marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the assasination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. And, as we work on our next new episode, we replay an episode we released exactly five years ago, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the murder. 

This episode was produced by Shai Satran and Julie Subrin. Thanks to Davia Nelson, Niva Lanir, Uri Rosenwaks, Dani Zamir, David Harman, Matti Friedman, Guy Eckstein, Elad Stavi, Yonatan Glicksberg and Marie Röder.

Collin Oldham composed and performed the original music in “Rabin Is Dead.” The end song is “HaStav Biladav” (‘Autumn Without Him’) by Noa (Achinoam Nini); lyrics by Natan Yonatan, and music by Achonoam Nini and Gil Dor). 

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