From the Vault: Herr Eichmann

To most, Adolf Eichmann - the mastermind behind the Nazis’ ‘Final Solution’ - is the ultimate symbol of evil. But to a small group of Israelis, he was no more than a gaunt and balding middle-aged prisoner. This is the story of those who looked evil in the eye, and lived to tell the tale.

Last week we aired a story about Dr. Yonah Elian, the anesthesiologist who sedated Eichmann during his capture back in 1960. And today we bring you a rerun of another Eichmann story we aired back in a 2016 episode called “Of Numbers and Names.” It is the story of the select few who interacted with Eichmann as he stood trial in Jerusalem - his guards, his interrogators and even his executors. Israelis for whom the encounter with the Nazi officer wasn’t just a moment of national catharsis. It was an intimate experience. Perhaps even too intimate.

This piece was produced by Katie Pulverman with help from Shai Inbal. Special thanks to Yuval Orr, Roy Barzilay, Shlomo Maital and Chanoch Lipperman. The end song, “Efer Ve’Avak” (“Ash and Dust”) is by Yehuda Poliker.

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