64: Tell Saki - Part II

We conclude our two-part Tell Saki story by returning to the soldiers after the battle and following their respective journeys - full of pain and regret, but also full of longing and camaraderie - in the years since the Yom Kippur War.

Yochai Maital produced, scored and sound-designed the episode. Mishy Harman edited it. Sela Waisblum created the mix. Thanks to our dubbers - Shlomo Maital, Boaz Dekel, Suri Krieger, Shai Avivi and Dror Keren. Thanks also to the Friendship and Heritage Foundation - an NGO set up by the survivors of Tell Saki to commemorate their fallen friends - and to Dan Almagor, Daniel Jankovich, Shai Satran and Sharon Rapaport. Some of the primary written sources for our Tell Saki project include Hallie Lerman’s Crying for Imma, Menachem Ansbacher’s memoir, Rsis MiMagash HaKesef, and Robby Rijkmans’ book of published correspondence between the Tell Saki survivors – ‘Knights Without Armor.'

Much of the music in the episode is by cellist Leat Sabbah, with additional music by Doug Maxwell and Yochai Maital. The end song is Nifgashnu Shuv ("We Met Again") is sung by Dudu Zakai, music and lyrics by Shaike Paikov.

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