Three Lives, Three Deaths & One Life Unlived

(I am currently researching the final episodes in the Great Famine series. The next show on the Great Hunger is still two weeks away but in the meantime I have this pretty special bonus podcast.)


One of the things that makes medieval history so interesting is that the very basics of life are astounding and fascinating in equal measure. We are endlessly intrigued by

  • What did people ate?
  • Life expectancy
  • How people died?
  • What was healthcare like

In a few weeks a new exhibition opens in my hometown of Kilkenny in the Medieval Mile Museum. This exhibition is centred around skeletons of three people discovered during recent archaeological excavations in the city. This podcast interviews the team of experts behind the excavations in a warts and all look at the lives of our medieval ancestors. (Thanks to Colin O'Drisceoil, Dr Linda Lynch, Shiela Dooley & Grace Fegan for their time.


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