'Riding the Lartigue' Ireland's only Monorail

In 1888 Ireland's most unusual railway, the Lartigue monorail, opened for business. Although largely forgotten, the story of this unique train is intriguing. Operating between the 1880s and the 1920s, it carried everything from tourists to livestock.

This show (recorded in Listowel, Co Kerry) explains how this train inspired by camels in the Sahara went onto support an early form of mass tourism in the west of Ireland. 

Special thanks to John Looney, Martin Griffin and Michael Guerin for their time. 

Sound by - Jason Looney

Additional Narrations - Therese Murray. 

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You can visit the Lartigue Monorail and Museum and ride the monorail today. Find out more at https://www.lartiguemonorail.com

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