Pilgrimage - Stories from a Living Graveyard (Part 3)

St Aidan's well is located in the environs Preban graveyard. Rituals have been performed at this holy well for centuries possibly even longer. Although these traditions are now dying out, in this episode we hear the words of the late Maura Carty who can remember pilgrims coming to the well. We also interview Dr Louise Nugent an expert on pilgrimmage and holy sites to hear more about this important archaeological site that links the present community around Preban to their distant ancestors

Thanks to Dr Louise Nugent for her time.

This episode is the third of seven in 'Stories from a Living Graveyard’. The series will be released daily as part of Heritage Week 2020.

Sound by Jason Looney

Special thanks to Yvonne Whitty, the Heritage office of Wicklow County Coucil & Preban Graveyard Committee.


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