Paradise Lost (Partisans VIII)

The enduring images of the Spanish Civil War depict armed fighters of one kind or another. This podcast, however, follows the story of a different Irish experience - that of Hannah Ormsby, an Irish nurse who arrived in Spain in the summer of 1937. The savagery of the war ensured she would be treated no different than other antifascists. Hannah had to work in appaling conditions often under fire from snipers.

This podcast also looks at the wider war from 1937 - 1938. After the War in the North, the conflict was clearly not going well for the antifascists. To make matters worse what had started with idealistic hope was turning into a living nightmare for some. This episode podcast looks at how the growing influence of the soviet dictator Joseph Stalin lead to extreme paranoia, conspiracy theories and assassinations behind antifascist lines.

Research - Fin Dwyer & Stewart Reddin

Additional Narration - Aidan Crowe and Muireann Hogan

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