Human Skulls and Pagan Idols - The story of a sacred bog

Until recently few people had heard of Gortnacranagh in Co Roscommon. Then, in early August, archaeologists announced they had made startling discoveries during an excavation of what appears to have been a prehistoric sacred bog in the area. 

These included a large wooden pagan idol, human bones and animal depositions. While post excavation analysis has yet to be completed, Dr Eve Campbell, who lead the dig, joins me for an exclusive interview. Eve reveals what they found and more importantly what it tell us about the belief systems of our distant ancestors. 

In this podcast I announce the first live event of 2021 on Sunday September 19th. This three hour guided walk will be lead by myself, Damian Lawlor and Miriam Ryan who feature in the series 'The Road to Oldcroghan'. The walk takes place in the environs of Croghan Hill and brings you through the stunning landscape in Co Offaly where Oldcroghan man was sacrificed in the late Iron Age. Tickets are limited but there are still some available at (make sure to book tickets for September 19th)

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