From Cork to Bermuda: An Irishwoman's life in the British Army

Through the 18th and 19th century, large numbers of Irishmen served in the British Army. However there were also many Irishwomen whose lives were interwoven with the military. While not soldiers they became part of the army through marriage to members of the regiments stationed in Ireland. This lead to unusual and captivating lives.

In this episode I interview historian Dr Aoife Bhreatnach about a Cork woman called Bridget Kent who married a British Army soldier. Aoife gives great insights into the life of Bridget who was born in Fermoy in 1859 but after her marriage to a soldier her life changed dramatically. Aoife gives vivid details about the incredible travels she engaged in which took Bridget from Egypt to Bermuda, but also what life was like when she returned home to an Ireland where attitudes towards the British Army were changing during the First World War and the War of Independence. 

Aoife has her own podcast Censored - which looks at the history of banned books in Ireland. Check out Censored here.

She also has a great blog Garrison towns 

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