Forgotten: The Irish in the American West

New York, Boston, and Chicago dominate the history of Irish migration to the United States. However by 1900 one of the most Irish cities in the US was Butte Montana. Situated high in the Rocky mountains, Butte was just one of hundreds of Irish communities dotted across the American West. 

Beginning back in the California Goldrush of the 1850s, tens of thousands of Irish immigrants ventured into the American West. Seeking opportunity, they were often greeted with racism and distrust. This podcast tells the stories of the men and women who forged vibrant Irish communities in the face of adversity. 

My guest is historian Alan Noonan the author of 'Mining Irish-American Lives Western Communities from 1849 to 1920'. Alan shares the fascinating history of the Irish in the American West. He details the personal stories of larger-than-life figures, such as Mother Jones and Marcus Daly, who shaped the Irish story in the American West.

You can get Alan's book 'Mining Irish-American Lives Western Communities from 1849 to 1920' here Check out Alan's website at

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