Anti-Irish Racism in 1930s Britain

In the 1920s and 30s Irish emigrants in Britain faced widespread racism and discrimination. Labelled drunks, subversives, and a threat to society, right wing politicians whipped up fear and hatred against the community.This podcast tells the forgotten stories of these emigrants.

The episode begins with humorous story of Martin King whose drunken escapades after downing half a bottle of whiskey revealed the racism at the heart of British society.

The show goes on to look at what was often the grave consequences of this bigotry. In Liverpool the racist Irish Immigration Investigation Bureau campaigned against the Irish in the city. Meanwhile the deadly 1937 Kirkintilloch fire in Scotland illustrated the dangerous conditions in which seasonal workers lived. 

Written, narrated and produced by Fin Dwyer

Additional Narrations Aidan Crowe

Sound Kate Dunlea.

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