The Beginning of the End & Queen Victoria in Ireland (1849) | The Great Famine XXXI

In August 1849 Queen Victoria arrived in a famine ravaged Ireland. Contrary to what we might expect there were no protests and in many places the Queen received a rapturous welcome. However this only tells part of the story. This podcast takes you on a journey deep into one of Dublin's most notorious slums - St Michan's. There we follow the lives of a poor couple George and Bridget Shea. Their experience of the Great Famine was in its own unique way intertwined with the Victorias visit. 

This story provides us with an evocative, fascinating and revealing contrast to the royal visit while also explaining the strangely passive response to the monarch's arrival in Ireland. This episode also covers later 1849 as Dublin finally emerged from the Great Famine.

**I have two live shows coming up**

Dublin - The Stoneybatter Festival, June 22nd, 4.30 pm @ The Elbow Room, Stoneybatter

Waterford - Grady's Yard July 13th Waterford with Snugcast.


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