Quinn Yeargain on Litigating Trans Rights

In this episode, Quinn Yeargain, Assistant Professor of Law at Widener University Commonwealth Law School, discusses his article, “Litigating Trans Rights in the States,” which will be published by the Ohio State Law Journal. Yeargain describes recent efforts by states to pass legislation infringing on the rights of transgender individuals, and argues that while challengers have found success challenging these laws on federal constitutional grounds, they should also challenge these laws on state constitutional grounds. Drawing parallels to prior challenges to restrictive marriage provisions, sodomy bans, and other laws, Yeargain argues that state constitutional equality provisions, privacy provisions, and other rights guarantees provide strong avenues to challenge legislation targeting trans people. Yeargain also discusses researching and studying state constitutional law. Yeargain is on Twitter at @yeargain.

This episode was hosted by Michael L. Smith, Assistant Professor of Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law. Smith is on Twitter at @msmith750.

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