How 'Science Capital' can help us address inequalities in STEM participation | Research for the Real World

Dr Rob Webster is joined by Professor Louise Archer to explore how challenging dominant representations and educational practices can help make this possible.

Research led by Louise has found that students are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), but certain factors stop them from moving into a relevant career in the field. So what’s holding them back?

We also learn about the concept of ‘Science Capital’, the concept developed by Louise and the ASPIRES project team to help understand patterns in science participation and engagement, and how it is applied in schools and in other educational settings.

We also find out how Louise and her colleagues approach their research projects, even before any fieldwork starts, and before any results are shared. The pair also discuss how the current climate emergency and the coronavirus pandemic might foster a new generation of scientists. What can policymakers do to help realise that interest?

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