Overcoming oral language barriers to learning | Research for the Real World

Professor Julie Dockrell speaks to Dr Rob Webster about how speech, language and communication are foundational to learning and achievement. What happens when a child struggles with these skills?

Slow progress can be hidden by the logistics and pressures of the current school system, making oral language delay a less well-recognised disorder, which is in turn less supported as children move up through school years. Disorders such as development language disorder (DLD) represent the most extreme end of difficulties.

Rob and Julie discuss reasons why some children might be slower than others to develop skills in this arena, and how they can be supported to overcome difficulties. We also hear examples of techniques that teachers can employ to create more opportunities for oral language development during classroom activities.

Full show notes and links: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ioe/news/2020/oct/overcoming-oral-language-barriers-learning-rftrw-s05e03

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