Shaping education and society through culture | IOE120

This roundtable discusses major themes at the intersection of culture, education and society. It variously covers the changing status of language, art and other cultural subjects in education, the rise of digital making, the impact of technology on learning and society, and inequality in cultural representation.


(0:00:00) - Introduction

(0:02:29) - Language learning and language use (Professor Andrea Révész)

(0:12:33) - Communication and health (Professor Jeff Bezemer)

(0:27:48) - Learning and technology (Professor Kaska Porayska-Pomsta)

(0:48:36) - Technology and music (Professor Evangelos Himonides)

(1:05:58)- Digital media (Professor John Potter)

(1:23:22) - Teacher education and classroom research (Professor Caroline Daly)

(1:47:53) - Outro

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