Covid challenges for families: a FACT finding mission | Research for the Real World

Dr Katherine Twamley talks to Dr Rob Webster about a multi-country research project to examine the impact of the coronavirus on everyday family life. What does the project aim to achieve?

A specialist in gender, love and intimacy, feminism and families, Katherine is well-placed alongside her colleagues from the IOE’s Thomas Coram Research Unit to lead an international consortium to investigate the challenges COVID-19 is placing upon us and how we are attempting to overcome them.

FACT-Covid (Family and Community Transitions Under Covid) features research partners in the USA, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Pakistan and Singapore, all using a variety of data collection methods - diaries, interviews and mobile apps.

As it becomes increasingly clear that men and women are facing unequal burdens and experiences of the pandemic worldwide, Katherine explains how the findings will allow for better understanding of how local policies and cultural practices have shaped individual responses and inform improvements for planning for future pandemics.

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