The Companies and Markets Show: Arm, M&S, China and BHP

This week’s episode covers a lot of ground, from smartphone chip designer Arm, to China’s current economic state, to resurgent retailer M&S.

We begin with Arthur Sants on chip maker Arm's mooted $60bn valuation. Is this realistic, given where its rivals are trading? 

Next up is Ali Al Enazi on his latest piece about China’s fall into deflation. What does this mean for UK companies and investors? Julian Hofmann also shares his thoughts, highlighting a problem facing China’s banking industry.

This leads us to mining company BHP. Alex Hamer discusses what full-year results can tell us about the company and asks what could lie ahead given its dependence on the Chinese market.

Last but not least, it’s Jemma Slingo on the FTSE 100 hopeful, M&S. What is the 139-year-old company’s new strategy? And how resilient is UK retail?

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