Liontrust's Anthony Cross: Recessions tend to be more regional in their impact

Anthony Cross, co-manager of the popular Liontrust Special Situations fund, talks to Dave Baxter about the good and bad news coming out of his portfolio in this IC Interviews episode. This broad discussion covers the prospects of a variety of stocks and sectors, from challenges at Hargreaves Lansdown to the effect of recession worries on recruiters and property names, as well as an assessment of the slimmed-down GSK and a look at how rampant M&A activity has affected the fund.


00:00 - Intro

01:12 - Areas of resilience and areas of concern

04:38 - PageGroup and economic forecasting

07:34 - Holding investment platforms

09:56 - Hargreaves Lansdown

13:35 - Not owning 'neo-brokers'

14:44 - GSK (and Haleon)

18:32 - M&A/corporate activity

21:17 - Opportunity set in 2022

24:00 - Does the size of the fund effect cash deployment?

26:27 - Moving into the investment trust space

27:34 - Exposure to BP and Shell

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