Chrysalis' managers: “We want as vibrant IPO market as possible”

Chrysalis Investments (CHRY) has made considerable gains by backing a small number of rapid growth companies, with a heavy weighting in fintech.

In this interview, co-managers Nick Williamson and Richard Watts tell Mary McDougall why they aim to invest in companies before flotation and why they believe the opportunity for so-called crossover investors is huge.

Discussing the investment case for Klarna, Starling Bank, Wise and The Hut Group (THG), they explain why they think their holdings are attractively valued and advise on the key metrics to look out for when companies come to market.

Chrysalis Investments launched in November 2018 and has grown to a market capitalisation of around £1.4bn, with the share price almost doubling in the past 12 months.


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