Bearbull: If everyone’s so bearish, why isn’t the market weaker?

The lesser-spotted Bearbull columnist has agreed that if ever there was a time IC listeners needed to hear his views, it might be now. 

In this interview with the IC’s Mary McDougall, he shares his thoughts on the current outlook for the economy, the extent to which UK equities might continue to mean revert, why he’s cautious on emerging markets and why Bearbull’s income portfolio hasn’t performed as well as he might have hoped over the past five years. 

They also discuss how much more deflating growth stocks might have to do, what is a reasonable yield for income investors to expect and the extent to which investors prioritising financial returns need to take ESG metrics seriously.  

Bearbull has been regenerating at Investors' Chronicle since the 1950s. Its current incarnation has been in place since the 1990s. 

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