Missing William Tyrrell: How can a little boy vanish?

In the tiny mid-north coastal town of Kendall, in NSW, Australia, a little boy in a Spiderman suit was running around his grandmother’s backyard on Benaroon Drive His name, of course, was William Tyrrell.

It was September 12, 2014 – and at around 10.30am – three-year-old William was playing hide-and-seek with his older sister.

William was a cheeky, playful little boy and one of his favourite games was pretending to be a tiger.

As his mum and grandma went inside for a cup of tea, William let out one final roar, ran around the side of the house, then nothing.

“It had become quiet,” his foster mum would later say. “Too quiet.”

When William’s mother came outside only moments later, she expected to see her two young children playfully running about the backyard, but there was no sign of William.

She called out his name again and again. But there was only silence. By all accounts, he’d simply vanished off the face of the earth.

The police were called, and by 11.30am, there was an official search party combing the nearby woods for the little boy in the Spiderman outfit.

This was six long years ago – and William, who would now be eight years old, still hasn’t been found. No trace of him – not a single hair follicle or piece of clothing - has ever been found.

Award-winning journalist and author Caroline Overington, like many of us, is fascinated and heartbroken by the story of William Tyrrell.

In her book, Missing William Tyrrell, Caroline delves into the mystery and explains why Australia won’t give up until we have answers.

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