The Lessons of 9/11

Maria and Julio are joined by Rose Arce, journalist and executive producer at Soledad O’Brien Productions, and a former colleague of Maria’s, for an intimate conversation about their on-the-ground reporting on 9/11. They get into what it was like to cover these events and how it has impacted their personal lives and journalistic careers 20 year later. 

ITT Staff Picks:

  • In this piece for CNN, Rose Arce writes about how she began teaching her daughter, Luna, about 9/11. 
  • For The New Republic, Jordan Michael Smith writes about the lasting impacts of 9/11 over the last 20 years, leading up to the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
  • Sewell Chan recounts his coverage of 9/11 in this opinion piece for the LA Times: “for me it was a turning point — a rupture between the first two decades of my life (hopeful striving) and the next two (anxious striving).”

Photo credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan


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