We’re moving!

A Calmer Life (formerly In The Moment Magazine and the Calm Edit) returns this month with a new series and a new look. We’re also moving to a new home: Apple Podcasts.

We’re excited to be collaborating with Apple Podcasts on the launch of their new subscription service. You’ll be able to subscribe to the podcast for £1.99 per month, which will give you access to all of our back catalogue and exclusive new episodes. There’s a two-week free trial period so you can decide if you want to subscribe. From now on, our exclusive new ad-free episodes will only be available on Apple Podcasts.

If you’ve enjoyed the podcast in the past, we’d be really grateful if you could sign up for a subscription and support the show. We have some exciting guests coming up, including author and gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter and psychologist Kimberly Wilson. We’ll have the same mix of inspiring guests talking about everything from mental health to mindfulness. We hope you enjoy the new series!

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