Making a foraged Christmas feast with Rachel de Thample

In the second In The Moment Magazine podcast, we spoke to Rachel de Thample about how she gathered and grew the ingredients for a very unusual Christmas feast – and discovered a love of foraging in the process. Rachel says: "The idea came to me after I'd finished writing Less Meat More Veg. I think sometimes when you finish a project, you crave the intensity of something new." Rachel decided that she wanted to focus on making a meal and the Christmas dinner seemed the ideal choice: "It seemed like the perfect meal, because the idea hatched at the end of one year, so I had a whole year to do the project, which is pretty much how much time you need to follow it through." Read about urban foraging in London with Rachel de Thample: We'd really love to know what you think of the podcast, so please leave a review or contact us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @inthemomentmag. Music: Summer in my Heart by Adam Drake (PRS) / Tom Jenkins (PRS)


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