#382 Community Management with Richard Millington

In today's episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Richard Millington, Founder and Managing Director at FeverBee to talk about Community Management.

Richard discusses how he's seen communities online change in the last few years and goes on to provide us tips on how to maximise the use of our communities including:

1. Maximising the utility of the community rather than the use
2. Making sure it's easy to find answers to the questions being asked
3. Helping to give people a sense of autonomy within a community
4. Understanding the difference between joining a community and participating in a community

He then provides tips on how we can be measuring the success of our communities including:

1. Avoiding presenting engagement metrics
2. Only tracking the things that matter like leads generated, customers retained etc.
3. Making your metrics matter by making them emotive

Finally, Richard provides his top tip and key takeaway when it comes to online communities, but you'll have to...

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