Dicks Out For Harambe

The world is still shit, but Katie and Ryan are reunited and they're out of their gourds on #content. This week (and everywhere) Katie and Ryan revel in the true joy that is Pokémon Go, and they do a quiz to determine whether or not Ryan's encyclopedic knowledge of Pokémon detracted from his book learning.

Jules Darmanin shares his experience as a native of Nice, France and tells us how Pokémon Go made him feel a little less horrible.

Ryan basically can't help but put his dick out for Harambe this week, and Katie explains how "fingermouthing" is now a thing. And we hear from the streets of London, where some folks use very British words like "quarrelsome" and "knob" to describe US politics.

**Come to our LIVE SHOW in Philadelphia on July 25th, people! Katie and Ryan will be joined by Another Round's Tracy Clayton, Evan McMorris-Santoro and all kinds of guests. There will even be a drink called the Gamergate, so you should probably come figure out what's in it.**

Try your luck at the Pokémon quiz: https://www.buzzfeed.com/haltheyounger/quiz-pokamon-or-early-church-heretic-2he7m

Follow Jules: https://twitter.com/JulesDrmnn

Watch the majesty of Danny Trejo celebrating Harambe:

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