Intelligence Squared Recommends – Climate Solutions: Is COVID-19 good or bad for the climate?

We have a special bonus episode for you today - we wanted to introduce you to a podcast we think you'll really enjoy, called Climate Solutions, from our partners, the European Investment Bank.

What would you give up to solve the climate crisis? Flights to exotic holiday destinations? Red meat? Your car? Climate Solutions surveyed 30 000 people in every EU country, in China, the US and the UK to find out what they’re ready to do to fight climate change. And whether, facing the threat posed by COVID 19, they’re even worried about climate change at all. The team at Climate Solutions then spoke to experts about what it all means for the future of our planet.

In this brand new episode of season 2 of Climate Solutions, host Matt Rees and guests ask, has COVID-19 changed our behaviour in ways that might be good for climate change? Teleworking, instead of commuting to an office, means fewer carbon emissions and is therefore good for the climate. And what about the economic recovery? Are people just so desperate for an end to the COVID-19 recession that they want investment at any cost? Or do they want a green recovery? 

To find out more about Climate Solutions, and to subscribe, go to or search Climate Solutions in Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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