How to Save The Planet, with Mike Berners Lee and Jenny Kleeman

Climate change, feeding the world, biodiversity, plastics – the list of environmental concerns seems endless. But which of these is the most pressing and, given the global nature of the challenges we face, what can any of us do as individuals to make a difference? Do we all need to become vegan? Is local food best? How should we spend and invest our money? In January 2021 leading carbon expert Mike Berners-Lee, author of the bestselling book There Is No Planet B, came to Intelligence Squared to answer these and other questions. Having crunched the numbers, he argued that there is a course of action we can all follow which doesn’t require donning a hair shirt. And reflecting on the turbulent last 12 months, he tackled the thorny issues of protests, pandemics, wildfires and more.

The event was hosted by Jenny Kleeman,journalist and author of Sex Robots and Vegan Meat. 

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