The Sunday Debate: Macron Paved the Way for Populism in France

Emmanuel Macron has become the first sitting president of France to be re-elected since 2002. But while Macron won the election, France’s far-right and its leader Marine Le Pen has now boldly established itself in the political mainstream. In his victory speech, President Macron acknowledged that, “Many of my compatriots voted for me, not to back my ideas, but to keep out those of the far right.” For this week's Sunday Debate, we discuss whether it is the formidable figure of Marine Le Pen who is redefining French politics or is it Macron, swallowing the middle ground at the expense of his more moderate peers on the left and right, who has paved the way for more populist rhetoric and extreme candidates that now occupy the centre ground? We invited two guests to discuss it. Vincent Martigny is Professor of Political science at the University of Nice, and Jean-Yves Camus is an expert in political radicalism and a Fellow at the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. Hosting the discussion is the cultural historian and broadcaster Shahidha Bari.
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