The Sunday Debate: Has Sex Positivity Harmed Feminism?

In today's world, we're often encouraged to think that sex is no longer a subject burdened with shame or repressed feelings. Rather, it is pleasurable, exciting and even empowering – as long as all parties are consenting. But do women really have the same sexual freedom as men, or are they still living in a man's world, conforming to male heterosexual desires and tastes? How do young women who’ve grown up in a sexually celebratory and supposedly shame-free society navigate sex? To discuss it, our host, the cultural historian and broadcaster Shahidha Bari, is joined by the authors of two books taking differing approaches to the debate: Christine Emba, columnist for The Washington Post and author of Rethinking Sex: A Provocation, and Dossie Easton, therapist and co-author of The Ethical Slut.
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