The Sunday Debate: We Were Right To Brexit

It was always going to be a disaster. Queues of HGVs stretching miles from Dover. The Good Friday Agreement threatened by the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol and increased support for Scottish Independence. That’s the argument of the doomsayers in this debate. But others claim that while short-term damage is inevitable – there is always blowback from a jilted partner – Brexit is a long-term project, one that is tied to the fundamental principle of sovereignty. Which side is right? To debate the issue, we welcome back Conservative politician Daniel Hannan, Labour MP Stella Creasy, and are joined by Robert Tombs, the historian of France and Britain, whose most recent book is This Sovereign Isle: Britain In and Out of Europe. Plus, Dominic Grieve, former Conservative MP and former Attorney General for England and Wales. Chairing the debate is Johnny Dymond, BBC News presenter and Royal Correspondent. 
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