It's The Economy - Ann Pettifor on Green Economics

It’s The Economy is an Intelligence Squared Business mini-series which breaks down the complex economic ideas we have all heard of but don’t fully understand in under 15 minutes.

In this episode host Nicola Walton speaks to Ann Pettifor, an economist perhaps best known for predicting the financial crisis of 2008. She is author of The Case for The Green New Deal, a fellow of the New Economics Foundation and a director of PRIME economics - a network of Keynesian macroeconomists. They discuss the green economy, green growth, impact investing and what industries can do to be more environmentally sustainable.

It’s The Economy is brought to you by Intelligence Squared and hosted by Nicola Walton, a financial journalist and author of ‘How To Report Economic News’.
Executive Producer: Farah Jassat; Producer: Lovejit Dhaliwal; Technical Support: Mark Roberts and Catharine Hughes. 

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