Geopolitics and the Insurance Industry

Political shifts across the world are more significant than at any time since the end of the Cold War. What will Donald Trump’s aggressive and isolationist rhetoric actually mean in the long term? Does the prospect of China being forced to open its markets present big opportunities? And does the recent disintegration of our relationship with Russia cause major concern for UK business?Specifically for the UK Insurance Industry, which of these trends should brokers be watching most closely, and what opportunities could they present?

Nick Hewer discusses geopolitics with:

Neil Dwane - Global Strategist – Allianz Global Investors;

Tracey Skinner – Director of Risk & Insurance – BT;

Erik Britton – Managing Director of Fathom Consulting, a city base economics consultancy;

Andrew Mantilia – Geopolitics Lead - KPGM

A podcast from Allianz Insurance UK


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