Smart Cities and the Insurance Industry

More than half of all humans globally live and work in cities and urbanised areas, with this set to increase to 68% by 2050. Taking population growth into account, the United Nations estimates that this could mean another 2.5 billion people will be living in the world’s cities.

So cities are becoming smarter. Risks will change. Old risks such as of burglary and theft will diminish, new ones, like cyber, will emerge. Being able to respond to these changes with the right cover will be essential for insurers.

Joining Nick Hewer today to discuss this in more detail are:

Glen Clarke, the Head of Transformational Propositions at Allianz,

Dan Hubert the CEO of the smart-parking platform AppyWay, and

Graham Thrower the Head of Infrastructure and Investment, at the smart-city consultancy Urban Foresight.


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