How to Pivot into a Lifelong Dream with Holly Dowling

Holly Dowling is my dear friend, a highly sought-after award-winning global keynote speaker, an inspirational thought leader, and the founder of the "Extraordinary Leader" program. Everyone went through a challenging year during the pandemic and had to make significant changes. Like many others, Holly went utterly virtual, and it was a total shift. However, Holly never stopped supporting her clients during these challenging times. Holly dives into all the ways she needed to pivot in business and life.  


Later, we jump into all sorts of tips for running your next virtual event. First, know exactly where your ideal clients like to hang out. People are sick of getting content! Instead, they are looking for experiences. So, when planning your next virtual experience, it's critical to look at your backdrop, lighting and make your personality shine. Plus, Holly explains how to foster an inclusive environment while presenting virtually. Tune in as we chat about the Hollyisms Daily Dose of Inspirations, and Holly opens up about her losses during 2020.


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