Get Over Yourself to Become a Highly Paid Expert with Debbie Allen

Actor, director, dancer/choreographer, and singer - Debbie Allen's career has touched nearly every facet of the entertainment industry. I've known Debbie Allen for quite some time, she is my soul sister, and I've always admired her work. It's challenging to create a multi-seven-figure business in one industry, but to do it in six different industries is completely bananas. First, Debbie opens up about finding the confidence to start her first few businesses at a young age. 


Then, Debbie talks about the importance of having fantastic sales and marketing skills no matter what industry you're in. Lucky for us, it's very inexpensive to be in business right now. Success is easy because we have mentors surrounding us, and we have videos everywhere online; you can start a business with practically nothing now. The only thing we need to overcome is our limiting beliefs. Debbie gives tips on getting out of our heads and getting into our hearts. Tune in as Debbie reveals the top three things that will help grow your business.


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