The Hidden Cost of Doing Business on your Facebook Personal Page

Should you have a Facebook business page and a personal page? First, we need to chat about the differences. A personal page is where you connect with friends and family members. This profile will be used to put family photos, life updates, and silly memes. Most likely, you get more engagement on your personal page. So, you’ll often post business updates on this page. Occasionally, it’s good to mix business and pleasure. However, is that the case for your social media?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is NOT okay to mix business with pleasure when it comes to your Facebook page. To answer the question I get most often – yes, you need both a Facebook business page and a personal page. When you keep separate business and personal pages, it will help you show up as an authority and a legit business. Yes, building a business Facebook page takes time and effort. However, it will be worth it in the long-run. Tune in as I give tips on how you can leverage your Facebook business page, find your ideal clients, and build the brand of your dreams.

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