Bringing out Your Beauty and Authority

There are five types of videos that we must be using to grow our business. In this video, I want to focus on just two of them: personality and positioning. Now, when you're growing your brand online, people want to get to know you. So, that's where those personality videos come in. You can shoot personality videos when you're out on a walk or when you're doing something enjoyable. These videos are behind the scenes of your life; it's why reality TV is so popular. People choose to do business and buy products from people that they like.

The other video that I think is equally as important is your positioning video. That's the video on the homepage of your website, it's on your YouTube channel, and it’s on your Facebook page. This video tells people why they are there, why you do what you do, how you do it, and the next step they need to take. Your positioning video is all about positioning you as the leader, as the celebrity in your business. The more you position yourself as credible and authority, the more people will choose to work with you. In my positioning videos, I wear a little hair and makeup. Tune in as I give beauty tips from IL Beauty for your next positioning video.

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