Stepping into a Bigger Calling with Cancer Champion Fitness Founder, Jen Miramontes

Each year, there are over eighteen million cancer cases. So, Jen Miramontes started Cancer Champion Fitness. With Jen's Cancer Champion Program, people learn up-to-date nutrition information, as well as whole-food diet education for fighters on their journey to recovery. Plus, Jen and her trainers love to talk about fitness with their members. Jen reveals the inspiration behind starting Cancer Champion Fitness and how she changes people's lives worldwide.

Later, Jen talks about the importance of stepping into a purpose that is truly so much bigger than you. One way you can find meaning is through yoga. Practicing yoga will make you instantly feel more grounded. Plus, stretching can make you feel better physically and mentally. Tune in as Jen reveals the significance of finding community and even an accountability partner when trying to beat cancer.

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